If you’ve been looking for a reliable carpet cleaning in Adelaide then this is the right place. Our carpet cleaners Adelaide has many years of experience in providing our first class carpet cleaning services. We make use of cutting edge equipment and professional cleaners, wiping the floor and the competition at the same time. Our cleaners are trained in all different kinds of carpet cleaning services, so we know how to get the job done right.

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Review 1

"Very friendly and amazing staff. I had got my carpets as well as kitchen cleaned. The guys were very helpful and properly gave time and spot cleaned everything thoroughly. Would highly recommend them to everyone." - Harshit Arora

Review 2

"Professional and friendly service. Did a fantastic job cleaning an old rental with very old carpets. They turned up exactly on time and you could tell they took pride in their work and made sure to do the cleaning as quickly as possible. I highly recommend them for a full end of lease clean." - Courtney Egan

Review 3

"I had house in Blair Athol. They did excellent job in my sweet 2bhk house. Especially, the kitchen & the carpet. I had too many wall marks which they removed. I’m very happy with that. Thanks Thus, I recommend this company to everybody." - Riken Joshi

Review 4

"Really surprise after cleaning. Carpet looks like new. I got my bond back. Very happy from Lease Cleaning Adelaide. I will use you guys again." - Jiany Liu

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If you want your property to look stunning, then you need regular cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning is required to keep your carpets looking and feeling good. Vacuuming alone is not enough to remove the debris and soil which can become ingrained into the fibres over time.

We can explain every detail of the process of our carpet cleaning Adelaide from start to finish. This will give you a better idea of what to expect from our modern techniques.

Professional carpet cleaning service in Adelaide at the right price.

We know the safest and most effective way to clean your carpet is through a Deep Steam Clean or Dry Clean.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Our carpet cleaners Adelaide has many years of experience in carpet cleaning services in Adelaide.

We are one of the few companies in the industry that offers deep steam carpet cleaning in Adelaide.

Why Choose Our Adelaide Carpet Cleaners?

  • Friendly and responsive staff and crew
  • Flexible service
  • Use of odourless and non-hazardous cleaning agents
  • Hassle-free guarantee. 
  • Hygienic solutions to sanitise and deodorise your interiors
  • Unbeaten assistance.
  • Our team of expert carpet cleaners in Adelaide provides the number one choice for carpet cleaning services
  • Our cleaners are superiorly skilled.
  • Unbeatable Customer Service.
  • Strive for Satisfaction.
  • Wide range of cleaning services.
  • Locals Helping Locals.
  • Clean and efficient services.
  • We offer cheap carpet cleaning in Adelaide
  • We provide best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide

Busy homes often mean dirty carpets. Living creates a mess, especially if there are kids and pets involved. With most houses having carpet in main areas and bedrooms, this means they get dirty quickly. Lease Cleaning Adelaide specialises in carpet cleaning in Adelaide. Our certified cleaners will pre-inspect all carpeted areas of the home. We can deodorise, sanitise and deep clean your carpets leaving them fresher than ever. Professional carpet cleaning is a non-negotiable for family homes.

Why work with us?

You’ll love how great our carpet cleaning Adelaide is. If you’re sick of looking at those old dirty carpets, contact us. Our technicians are fully trained and certified. We’re happy to offer advice on the state of your carpets if you’re unsure whether they need cleaning or replacing. If we decide to clean, we’ll get rid of dust mites and allergens, which can trigger symptoms if left unattended.

carpet cleaning adelaide

For homes with asthma sufferers or people sensitive to allergens, carpet cleaning is extremely important. Take comfort in knowing our products are eco-friendly and no-harm. We’ll keep your family and furry ones safe.

We’re the kind of company who leaves your home better than when we arrived. Your furniture will be back in the same place – without any unexplained stains on your valuable items. No matter what condition your carpets are in, we’ll bring them back to a great condition. Spilt a wine glass on it? No worries. Got marks from pups? Food stains from the kids? We can fix it all.

Get ready for that WOW response.

Fix carpet discolouration

Usually, the first thing you’ll notice is discolouration if your carpets are older. Our long-life cleaning process is designed to loosen embedded dirt and stains (that are trapped inside the carpet). This helps us easily remove the pollutants, so the carpet looks, feels, and smells great. This means the surface will stay cleaner for longer, without any allergens hiding underneath. Want softer, fresher carpets? This is the way.

We can combine this service with the end of lease and upholstery cleaning. The average cost of our carpet cleaning Adelaide depends on the room size, area of damage, and the type of material. Rugs, for example, are more of a delicate material that requires a specialised cleaning method. We have experience cleaning a wide range of carpets and rugs such as Persian, oriental, Moroccan, and Indian. If you’re unsure what type of carpet you own, we’re happy to advise.

Steam & dry cleaning, stain treatments & carpet fabric protection

We have various techniques up our sleeves to bring your carpets back to life. We deliver professional carpet and rug cleaning services to extend the life of your floors, improve air quality, and make the material easier to maintain. Our team removes spots and stains without damaging the fabric while preventing build-up of allergens and bacteria.

This is an example of a process we might follow:

  • Move light furniture out of the way
  • Pre-inspect and define the material of the carpet
  • Choose the most suitable cleaning method
  • Conduct a deep vacuum
  • Pre-spray the carpet to loosen any dirt and soil trapped inside
  • Pre-treatment of any stains and dirty patches
  • Steam clean the carpet (using a hot water extraction method)
  • Deodorise the newly cleaned areas
  • Wait three to six hours for floors to completely dry.

As professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide, we’re able to provide you with a level of advice that will help you better care for and maintain your floors.

If you’re planning to sell your home, our professional carpet cleaning Adelaide is an essential part of the process. Before you start to show your house to the public, have us come in and get your floors like new again. The last thing you want is for prospective buyers to mention the poor quality of your carpet floors – something that can be easily fixed within a few hours. The same applies if you’re ending your rental lease and are in the process of securing your bond back. Don’t risk losing your bond simply because your floors aren’t in good condition. Talk to our team about our pre-selling or end of lease service.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Are you looking for a team of trained, insured professional carpet cleaners? We can come into your business, within or outside of office hours, and refresh your floors. Extend the lifespan of your carpets by having us conduct a professional commercial cleaning. You’ll save time, money on premature replacements, and downtime – because we’ll come to you when it’s best for your business. You’ll be happy to know the products we use are green, eco-friendly and safe for your people. We’re reliable, trustworthy, and always on-time. We pledge to help make your carpets more sustainable.

Make a commitment to the health of your employees by investing in carpet cleaning. This will improve the quality of indoor air while reducing your harmful emissions. Just like with the carpets in your home, bacteria and allergens get trapped inside the material, which can trigger respiratory symptoms.

Promote your business as health-conscious by investing in sound carpet cleaning processes. We’ll clean, disinfect and dry your carpets so they’re a positive reflection of your business – both for employees and clients. First impressions matter and if you’re a public-facing business, clean carpets are essential.

The Lease Cleaning Adelaide team doesn’t stop at just offices. We can come into any type of commercial business including shops, aged care facilities, hotels and clubs, gyms and fitness studios, plus schools and universities. If your premises have carpets, let’s create a regular professional cleaning schedule that’ll keep your floors fresh and vibrant. We recommend a thorough cleaning service at least once or twice a year, but quarterly is our preference for commercial spaces.

We travel all over Adelaide providing professional cleaning services to homes and businesses. Book in a consultation with one of our qualified cleaners to find out more about our services, pricing, and the benefits of working with us. Beyond carpet cleaning, we provide a full suite of professional services. For the end of lease, house, spring and carpet cleaning in Adelaide, we’re your guys.

Need professional cleaners NOW? Had an emergency? Give us a call and we’ll be out there in a jiffy. We travel to all Adelaide postcodes. Contact the Lease Cleaning Adelaide team today. You’ll be able to spot our van from down the street.

We offer a variety of carpet cleaning services to meet your needs, including:

  • Regular carpet cleaning
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Carpet deodorization
  • Carpet protection

We use a variety of carpet cleaning methods, depending on the type of carpet and the level of soil. Some of the methods we use include:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Encapsulation cleaning

This depends on a number of factors. The professional advice is to book a clean once or twice a year. But if you have a family with allergies and pets in the house, you might like to have it cleaned more than this, at the beginning of each season. Make a decision based on your personal circumstances but as a rule of thumb, the more often the better.

Dirty carpets aren’t just unattractive to look at. This can also negatively affect the air quality in your home. Allergens and dust can build up and make a home in the carpet, which can make your family sick. Add pets into the mix and unclean carpets can start to smell. Neglecting your carpets will also mean faster replacements (and more money). You can’t put a price on your family’s health.

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Longer carpet life
  • A cleaner and healthier home