About Furniture

  • We will not clean inside of cupboards if the items are there.
  • We do not clean the items that feel Dangerous include, Picture frames, Wall clock, vases, lamps or any other items like that. In case during dusting something happen we are not responsible. 

We will not cover up your 4 days warranty in case of below events

  • Build-up of dead insects that were alive during the clean and have since expired.
  • A build-up of surface dust that has settled after the clean.
  • Dirt or grime near a window or door that has been left open.
  • Insect/animal faeces.
  • New residents have moved or moving in.
  • Access to the property by a third-party contractor that has not been approved by us


We will try our best to clean all items with our commercial experience however discoloration happens with normal wear and tear of the property. Often grout, toilets and plastics can discolour (often into a yellow colour) over time and they can’t be returned to their original colour without specialist intervention.

We do not clean ceilings areas

Our cleaners do not clean at heights. Any cleaning that requires a ladder will not be performed. We can clean ceiling area as per customer request and own risk.

Outside Windows or glasses

We will clean the outside windows where we can (excluding windows at heights or difficult access) however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant them.

Outside Areas

Outside areas are areas that cannot be fully protected (closed off) from weather elements. 

Outside areas are balconies and patios, or any area that cannot be completely closed off such as an outside area of a house with only three walls. As per our inclusions we will clean any outside area as required however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant these areas.

Post Pest Control

We will not be responsible and do not warrant items post pest control that may require additional cleaning directly related to the Pest Control. 

Examples are dead insects or animals that have accumulated due to Pest control being applied to the property.