Welcome to our new high-pressure cleaning service on the same day of end of lease cleaning, Carpet cleaning. We have been servicing in all Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

We offer high pressure cleaning service in Commercial, Domestic and Industrial services. We have quality assured, National police Clearance and Public liability insurance.

We have 110% customer satisfaction guarantee with money back policy.  

Book end of lease cleaning today and get up to 30% discount on other services (carpet cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, roof gutter cleaning.

pressure cleaning adelaide

Domestic High Pressure Cleaning

  • Garage and Driveway cleaning with oil stain removing.
  • Roof Cleaning including roof gutter cleaning.
  • Bin Cleaning.
  • Surround house Cleaning including the outside wall, walkway, Paver, Patio and etc.
  • Sports surface area cleaning including Tennis court, badminton, Swimming pool and etc.

Commercial High Pressure Cleaning

  • Car parks and driveways cleaning with oil stains removing, Chewing gum removing, general grime removing.
  • Roof Cleaning including gutter cleaning
  • Surrounding part of office, warehouse and etc
  • Outside wall cleaning.
  • Building cleaning including multi-level car parks, fire and flood damage, before painting cleaning and etc.
  • Graffiti removing

Industrial High Pressure Cleaning

  • Factory and warehouse cleaning 
  • Concrete cleaning with oil stains, sticky floor and etc.
  • Degrease cleaning 
  • Wall cleaning
  • Cold storage cleaning

Lease Cleaning Adelaide provides high-pressure washing services to homes and businesses. We offer high-pressure cleaning for multiple types of exterior surfaces – because there are some areas where scrub and sweat just won’t cut it. Our cleaners use modern high-pressure equipment that’s designed to wash outdoor surfaces in minutes. Whether it’s a driveway, roof, patio, deck, walls, paths, you’ll love how fast our service is.

For businesses, speed is a must.  You don’t need to worry about finding a day that’s not busy. Pressure cleaning is a fast, efficient, professional service. It’s the quickest way to remove mould, mildew, moss, algae, dust, dirt, graffiti and residual from construction projects.

Bin Cleaning

As well as offering one of the leading pressure cleaning services in Adelaide that takes care of pavers, driveways, walls and more, we also offer a bin cleaning service. If your trash bin, recycle bin or green bin are starting to smell and build up gunk and bacteria inside of the bin, we can have it professionally pressure cleaned inside and out, removing all and any mould, dirt and food residue that may be left over, providing a cleaner and better smelling bin.

bin cleaning adelaide

The types of surfaces that require high-pressure cleaning

Basically anything! If it’s dirty and hard to clean, we’ll do it. This includes houses, driveways, patios, decks, walls, fences, sidewalks, garden paths, outdoor furniture, exterior walls, shopfronts, shopping centres, council buildings, warehouses, shared walkways, schools, outdoor parks, and car parks. Additional project sites can include industrial buildings, apartment complexes, universities, stadiums, train stations, and churches.

This is just an example list of what we can pressure clean. If you’re unsure whether something can be pressed washed, contact us and we’ll be able to advise you.

Certain parts of the home or business are best left to standard cleaners. But when it comes to the exterior surfaces (the areas that customers see first), don’t leave them unattended. A small clean can go a long way to improve the look and feel of the premises. For businesses, first impressions are everything.

There are plenty of benefits of high-pressure cleaning. It extends the lifespan of your outdoor hard floor surfaces. They’ll be in great condition (like new) and never will have looked as good. From a hygiene standpoint, pressure cleaning keeps surfaces free from bacteria and germs. This is important no matter what it’s used for, but especially in public spaces. It’s one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning methods. Plus, it’s a high-value service, as it requires less effort and better results.

Adelaide’s expert high-pressure washing team

From residential pressure washing to high-rise building exterior cleans, we do it all. We have a large range of customers including homeowners, businesses, strata companies, builders, and maintenance providers. Expect a professional, safe, high-quality service with great customer support. Our team have undertaken many projects across Adelaide. We know both the city and suburbs extremely well. High-pressure cleaning requires a special skill set and a safety-first mindset. This is why we operate a highly-functioning, nimble team with the right mix of people. Our employees hold up to date training and knowledge on the latest techniques and use of equipment. We’re reliable, fully insured, and deal directly with our clients. There are no middlemen. Therefore, there are no unnecessary safety risks that are missed through poor communication.

Driveway pressure cleaning

Is your driveway looking old and weathered? Bring us in to give it a high pressure clean. This service can improve the appearance of your home, not just your driveway. It’s the first thing that people see, so by refreshing your driveway, it positively impacts the entire façade. While we’re at it, we can also pressure clean the nearby pathways, walls, side walkways, paved areas, and even the backyard. Whatever you need, we can do.

High-pressure cleaning is the most effective way to remove dirt, grime, and stains from your home’s exterior. It can also minimise health hazards from mould and mildew. Eliminate slip and fall risks from your car’s oil stains. Grease, oil, moss and algae, be gone!

If you’ve noticed mould, mildew or moss growth on your driveway, let us fix it. Not only does this create an unattractive look, it also causes deterioration. Let’s stop weed growth while we’re at it. Weeds love growing on driveways and pressure washing can protect it from damage.

High-pressure cleaning is quicker than anything you can do manually. It also gives you better results. There are better ways to spend your weekends than on labour-intensive driveway work. Pressure washing allows us to get past the grime, onto the most difficult stuck in layers for an incredible clean.

This is also a popular service for people selling their homes. Improve the look of your driveway before your house goes on the market. Driveway pressure washing is one of the best things you can do for your home, pre-sale.

Boost your curb appeal with professional cleaning.  

Keep your roof looking good with pressure washing

Don’t ignore your roof. Even if it’s not a part of the home you spend time looking at, it matters – not only for street appeal standpoint but from a functionality and performance standpoint. Something as simple as high-pressure cleaning can make all the difference to your tiles. You might even discover they didn’t need replacing after all.

High-pressure cleaning allows us to get up on your roof, inspect it and clean the tiles. Our team can wash off mould, moss, lichens and other debris to get your roof looking like new again. Say goodbye to all that visible mess that damages your roof’s structural integrity. Leaving your roof can lead to discolouration, so at the very least, bring in our team to ensure there’s no hidden damage on your roof. Give your roof the longevity it deserves and create a better street appeal with a clean, bright roof. It’s like giving your home an instant facelift. No one wants to look at an unkept, dirty roof. Ensure the health of your roof with our high-pressure cleaning service. There’s nothing quite like it.

Why commercial pressure cleaning is good business

We’re one of Adelaide’s top commercial cleaners, too. Yes, our residential cleaning service remains strong, but commercial work is our forte. Have you noticed chewing gum on the sidewalk in front of your shop? Are you in local council and looking for a high-pressure cleaning company? Maybe you manage a shopping centre and the exterior walls and concrete needs refreshing? Whatever the premises, we can clean it.

The Lease Cleaning Adelaide team is fast and effective, trained and insured, restoration experts. We’re one of Adelaide’s most cost-effective teams. Deep cleaning capabilities aren’t always easy to come by. We understand the importance of clean, bright and hygienic surfaces, particularly in the commercial space where perceptions are everything.

We deploy a host of environmentally friendly products to tackle tough surfaces, so you don’t need to worry about health and safety – that’s our job! Our people work around you to avoid minimal disruptions in your business. We work across a wide range of commercial sites, so reach out if you need a high-pressure cleaner in Adelaide. We’ve got the manpower.

From chewing gum and oil stain removal to concrete cleaning, building facades, flooring and storage facilities, there’s no surface we can’t pressure clean. Enjoy our friendly service, strong reputation for safety, and incredible workmanship.

No two jobs are alike, so reach out to discuss your high-pressure cleaning project. We can work with you on a one-off or ongoing basis. Call us today to request a quote. Get ready to see the cleanest surfaces of your life.